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February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
I returned to Hamelin Bay last night after work to try and capture a particular shot I have had in my head for months...
Unfortunately it was pretty crowded and the sunset was over in the blink of an eye... partly sure due to a chinese 'photog' who wouldn't stop asking me questions on how to set up his camera (a Canon D1!), how to use his Lee filters(hell, I sat there with a black piece of card, because I can't afford a set of Lee filters lol!) or even the remote control... 'All gear no idea', as one of my mates aptly put it ha!
Anyway, with my fantastic multitasking skills I was able to take my shots, shake the black card in front of my lens and help this poor guy set up his camera and told him what settings to dial in... I know - I'm awesome! :D
At first I was a bit bummed about all the people on the beach... I particularly choose a Wednesday night cause I thought there'd be no one here, but alas I was wrong. In hindsight I actually quite like this capture, partly due to the fact that the shadows of the people appear in the frame. It somehow adds life to the image.

Which one do you prefer? Feel free to leave a comment below! :)



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