Random Lights Photography | All things Athabasca - and some roadside shots of BC

All things Athabasca - and some roadside shots of BC

October 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Hey guys, it's time for some more images from Canada! There are still so many more images to be edited and now that I am in Germany it is even harder because I'm still out shooting and have new images coming in all the time. We also just visited the cities of Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium and there are loads more photos to be edited from there...

But today we cover some more of Canada and in particular the Athabasca Falls, the Athabasca River and the Athabasca Glacier along with some random road-side shots of the area.

Athabasca Glacier
unfortunately we only just passed this place so I only managed to get a few shots of this giant (well, today not so much anymore) glacier in the highlands of the Rockies. Note, the tiny little black dots on the glacier are tour buses that bring tourists out on the ice.
  Nigel Creek
ISO 50, 16mm, f/11, blended two exposures of 13s (for the sky) & 30s (for the foreground), shot with B+W 10-stop ND filter
Nigel creek was a lucky coincident. We were literally between stops when we noticed this beaut on the side of the road, down a steep gravel slope. So we swiftly jumped out of our cars and started descending this steep hill past chipmunks and small trees and onto the edge of this waterfall where the cliff to the right dropped 3-4 meters into the gushing waters.
ISO 50, 16mm, f/14, blended two exposures of 30s (for the sky) & 120s (for the foreground), shot with B+W 10-stop ND filter, blended in Photoshop using luminosity masks, then edited in Lightroom and NIK Color Efex
The whole crew was piling onto the narrow edges of the river banks to capture this little waterfall...
 Athabasca Falls
They call this One Of A Kind EXTREME Photography Adventures for a reason...! :)
Athabasca Falls weren't the most impressive falls that we saw but they were still nice. The hardest thing about these falls was finding an angle that worked and that didn't include any tourists.
The view down the back of Athabasca Falls... the most stunning thing was probably the color of the water ;)
The "Zombie Oubreak Response Team" - makes me feel really safe now :)
 Athabasca River near Jasper
The OOAK Crew taking in the scenery and taking a few shots
Athabasca River
OOAK Shenanigans
Will a.k.a. "Rflector"
Athabasca River - view toward Jasper - yet another grey and rainy day but we kept our spirits up
 Driving to Valemount, BC
"Indian Summer" slowly started as we visited the Rockies. With every day the vegetation slowly changed it's color and provided beautiful contrasts of colors.


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