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Vermillion Lakes

September 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Hey guys, I finally had some time to process the thousands of images from my recent One Of A Kind(OOAK) trip into the Canadian Rockies. Although I didn't process all of them, I now have enough write a few blog posts which I will publish over the coming days and weeks. 
Over the two weeks in Canada I have captured over 2500 images. A lot of them are rubbish, blurry or over-/underexposed and a mere 1000 images survived after the first round of culling.
One reason for this high amount of images is the fact that this trip was co-sponsored by Novoflex from Germany who generously provided us each with one of their latest Slim-line pano heads and most of my images were shot as part of single ad multi-row panoramas - but quite often simply single row panos with multiple exposures for foreground and sky.
I am now in Germany and took the past 4 days to just relax, go for walks, catch up with my family, enjoy German food (and beer!!) and process A LOT of images from this recent trip. Originally I had an exhibition planned in my hometown of Rossdorf but due to alack of time and several issues we had organizing the event I had to cancel it unfortunately... But nonetheless, in the words of the Terminator: "I'll be back!" and next time with more, and better quality images :)
The images you see here are all taken at the beautiful Vermillion Lakes, just outside Banff. We visited this place several times for both sunrise and sunset and it never seizes to amaze me how much the same landscape can change, depending on the time of day and the weather...
The image above was a 30s long exposure of Mt Rundle, shot on the Canon EOS M, with the EOS-EF adapter and my Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. I used my 10-stop B+W ND filter to darken the scene and record the movement of the clouds as they pushed their way over the mountain.
This image is a 6-image panoramic shot at 25s, ISO 100, f/18 and 70mm on my EOS M.
3-image, long exposure selfie panorama :)
We had a lot of fun and tried different approaches to photography. For the above images I set up my tripod on the floating boardwalk and took one frame at 2 minutes. While the camera was recording, me and my mate Shaun rocked the boardwalk left and right to create a nice amount of motion blur in the background. We then took another frame with me standing still on a non-moving boardwalk and I blended the two frames together to create this final image. :)
Beautiful and tranquil Vermillion lakes on the base of Mt Rundle and the Sundance range.
That's it for today, folks. I will be working on more images and articles about the Rocky Mountains... stay tuned for the Aurora, Wildlife, heaps of stunning scenery and more!
Until then I say "Prost!" :)


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