Hi and welcome to my website!

My name is Hannes Nitzsche and I am a German-born part-time landscape, astro and lifestyle photographer currently based in the beautiful town of Margaret River in the southwest of Western Australia. If I'm not behind the lens, I'm usually standing knee-deep in saw dust or bending nails, as I'm also a qualified carpenter.

After travelling the world for several years I finally discovered the medium that is photography in 2010, which turned into a passion that now encompasses every aspect of my life. My tools of the trade include a full-frame camera, a 16-35mm wide-angle-lens and a 70-200mm telephoto-lens, a sturdy carbon fibre tripod (my most important tool!), a set of neutral density and polarizing filters, a panoramic gimbal and a headlamp for the occasional astro photography. 


On my days off I am usually exploring the back-roads and hidden beaches of the "Capes area" or am building DIY projects in my backyard. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you asap!

Thank you for your time and for visiting randomlightsphotography.com - I hope you enjoy my work!


Hannes Nitzsche