Random Lights Photography | Sunset At Ellensbrook Beach

Sunset At Ellensbrook Beach

January 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My summer holiday is rapidly approaching it's end and I wanted to use every chance I get to go out and take some photos of the area.


One place I don't visit all too often is Ellensbrook beach, just west of Cowaramup and south of Gracetown. There's no partiular reason as to why I don't hit his spot up any more often, but I felt like giving it another go tonight. And surely enough, I wasn't disappointed with the weather conditions!

While looking for a nice composition I quite literally stumbled upon this little fella. At first he jumped away and hid in a crack in the rock but shortly after, probably realizing that I wasn't interested in eating him, he came out again and patiently stood model for me for about 5 minutes. I came within about 15-20 cm of him but he was calm as ice-cream and didn't seem to mind me at all. For this shot I combined 3 exposures, one for the bearded dragon and two for the sky.

I didn't quite get the nice colors in the clouds that I was initially hoping for but I was still quite pleased with the sunset and was able to stick around for a bit to capture some longer exposures.

Two shots went into the making of my final capture. One at ISO 160, f/7.1 & 90 sec for the foreground and one at ISO 160, f/9 & 90sec for the sky.

By the time I was shooting this I was already being eaten alive by about 50 mozzies and decided to call it a day.


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