Random Lights Photography | Icefields Parkway Pt 1

Icefields Parkway Pt 1

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Icefields Parkway Part One
Herbert Lake

After we left Canmore to travel to Jasper we stopped at various locations. Since this was a photographic trip we got up bright and early (well, early? yes! bright? not so much...!) and our first stop was Herbert Lake, the first lake on the left when entering Icefields Parkway in the Banff National Park.

We were still surrounded by grey and wet weather and we decided to return another day to try and shoot this lake in better conditions.

One of the many things a traveler in the Banff National Park will notice are the stunning road-vistas along the way to Jasper! We just couldn't help ourselves but to stop and do the classic road shots! :)
 The worst thing in these situations is that every other car that sees you parked on the side of the road, camera in hand, assumes that you've spotted a bear or a moose or some other frigging wildlife and within seconds you got 20 other cars parked everywhere, when in fact all you wanted to shoot is that beautiful empty road you just saw a minute ago...
Will capturing a classic modern day Rocky Mountain scene

With all the traffic passing through we had to watch each other's backs and make sure no one gets run over by an RV
Bow Lake

Next on our list was Bow Lake.
It's another beautiful, glacier-fed mountain lake where you just can't help but wonder how on earth such beauty came to be!
While everyone was busy taking shots of the magnificent landscape, I stayed back a little and captured some candid moments of the crew.
My last image of Bow Lake, shot with Sarah Hatton's Lee filter system, a big stopper and a 6-stop grad ND filter - ISO 50, f/14, 26mm, 60s
Peyto Lake
This is a 7-image panoramic, taken at ISO 50, f/14, 1/50s, 35mm - no filters
Peyto Lake in Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada
This is one of those locations where - while being mindful and careful not to disrupt nature - it pays to meander off the beaten track and search for a unique perspective, as most tourist will see this spot from the two viewing platforms and the view is somewhat restricted.
We dodged the crowds and walked 10 mins off the main path onto smaller paths and were rewarded with a very intimate and secluded little spot that left us looking over the whole lake and into the valleys beyond.

#CandidTripodShots ;)
That's all for today, folks! Stay tuned for more images and don't forget to subscribe on the left with your e-mail address to get the latest updates from RLP!

Cheers, Hannes


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