Random Lights Photography | Hamelin Bay under the Milky Way

Hamelin Bay under the Milky Way

April 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
- Hamelin Bay under the Milky Way -
Hey folks, as mentioned a few days ago I was out shooting on Saturday and covered a whole range of subjects...
I started off by shooting the world surf comp in Gracetown, then came across a snake(which had to be shot with my Canon!), went on further south to shoot the sunset at Cape Freycinet(well, that was the plan anyway), visited Boranup forest to capture some light trails, drove up to Boranup lookout to have a look at the stars(and to see if any interesting compositions were possible from up there) and because I was already in the area, I decided to head on even further south to Hamelin Bay. Initially I was only wanting to shoot the old Jetty under the stars but spontaneously decided to visit the limestone cliffs on the other side of the cape and try my luck with a milky way pano... 
Here's what I came home with... A 33-image pano shot in a place where you shouldn't be. But you know we all go to great lengths just to get "the shot".
It took several attempts to stitch this pano together. Photoshop, Autopano Giga and PTgui all buckled and said "no!"... in the end I downloaded the trial version of LR 6 and put it through it's paces and it worked like a charm, as long as all images were in the same orientation... That sold LR6 for me already and the best thing is it outputs your pano as a DNG file! Sweeeet! What more do you want?!
Let me know what you all think in a comment below and feel free to share this image :)


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