Random Lights Photography | The Cape-To-Cape Track - Part 1: Cape Naturaliste to Injidup Beach

The Cape-To-Cape Track - Part 1: Cape Naturaliste to Injidup Beach

January 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
The Cape to Cape track is a 135 kilometer long walk along the cape region of Southwest Western Australia. It connects the Cape Naturaliste in the North with Cape Leeuwin in the south and leads through a versatile Landscape that offers almost everything...

 Start at Cape Naturaliste, with the Lighthouse behind our backs...
 Serious photography happening here :)
 Witnessing the sunrise along the track - a magical way to kickstart the day!
 Sugarloaf Rock
Stunning cliffs along the northern part of the track... but we were about to discover more... :)
Sugarloaf Rock - 5-image blend, all images shot with a 10-stop ND filter @ 30seconds
 The track markers
 Ancient Corals, now turned into stone, create a bizarre micro landscape along the track.
 Amazing beaches! This is Western Australia!
 2-image pano

 3-image pano
 we had our lunch at this amazing lookout... could have stayed there forever :)
 The township in the distance is Yallingup
 The track condition changes a lot, from rocky one-man tracks, to sandy ground, to 4-wheel tracks to beach, it's a variety which can be quite demanding(especially the sandy dunes!).
 Break time in Yallingup and time to re-fill our water bottles!
Torpedo Rock in the foreground and Canal Rocks in the Distance
What an amazing beach! You just wanna strip naked and jump in there! :)
 Note the track along the hill! :)
 Loads of rock climbing to be done here!
 Canal Rocks...
 A Lookout  along the track that looks down toward Canal Rocks
Another one of those amazing rest areas along the track, they surely provide a breath taking view!
Rainbow in the clouds! 
 Injidup Beach, a real picture book beach!
 A bearded dragon lazing in the sun :)
 Although incredibly beautiful, this last section was the toughest for me, as my knee had been aching for the past 5 kms and was getting worse... at times I couldn't walk more than 10 meters before having to take a break... I was so darn happy to get back to the car park and to my car :)

This track is no piece of cake! But it's well worth the effort, blood and sweat!
Finally at the end of section One of the track... my knee is still swollen - two days later -  but we are planning to continue the track in the next few weeks...


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